The online dispute resolution platform (SOL) is made available by the European Commission to allow consumers and traders in the EU or in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to resolve their disputes related to products and services bought on the Internet, without to appeal to the court.

The SOL platform is not associated with any merchant. You can use it to bring your complaint to an authorized dispute resolution entity.

Dispute resolution entities are impartial organizations or individuals that help consumers and merchants reach an agreement through extrajudicial means. Usually, such a procedure is faster and cheaper than a judicial one.

The SOL platform is easy to use, guiding users step by step. It provides translations in all official EU languages ​​and provides deadlines for resolving complaints.

Thanks to the SOL Platform, consumers can obtain fair solutions either free of charge or at very low cost, and merchants can avoid costly legal proceedings and maintain good customer relations.

More about the SOL platform here !